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  • 20 inch 150 BL Gate Valve Hastelloy CW12MW Castings(Disc, Cover, and Body)

  • The reason why the sealing surface of the butterfly valve is damaged

  • Special material butterfly valve

  • American standard butterfly valve test pressure standard?

  • Precautions against leakage of butterfly valve 1. All butterfly valves must be tested at different le

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Tipvalve offer many kind of industrial valve utilized in the several application environment against high temperature, high pressure, high corrosive and low temperature or cryogenic application market range from water treatment, power generation, mining, petrochemical, oil and gas with onshore and offshore working condition.

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  • Quadex Valve
  • Orbit Ball Valve
  • Subsea Valve
  • Twin Seal Plug Valve
  • Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve
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